Cafe Variome "Central" Disclaimer

Cafe Variome "Central" (located at uses publicly available web services to gather and make searchable a set of pointers to records of interest, to help users discover the existence of variant data and direct them to the original data sources where the data may be examined in full. It is solely intended as a data detection tool and in no way aims to replace such original data sources, their purpose or function; on the contrary, it aims to facilitate visibility of such data sources and help drive user traffic to them. The employed web services, and the corresponding record pointers and underlying data, are established and maintained by third parties. As such, Cafe Variome makes no warranty with regard to the accuracy, completeness, suitability for any purpose, or accessibility of the primary data. Cafe Variome merely redisplays the output of the web services, and updates it regularly, without any curation or checking. We therefore cannot accept responsibility for any use made of the record pointers or any primary data accessed via Cafe Variome, and we advise the user to always refer back to the original data sources/data owners and/or curators to check for any restrictions and/or limitations of use that may apply. No liability is accepted by Cafe Variome for infringement of any rules and regulations of external data sources pertaining to the use of their original data.