Discovering data held within a Cafe Variome installation

Cafe Variome lets you quickly and easily discover biomedical data held within any installations you have access to.

Depending on the sharing policy you will be able to find further information about them, as well as a link to the original source.

Query Builder

Cafe Variome has a simple and an advanced query builder. Both are based on the AND/OR search principal and built-in ambiguity checks ensure the query will return the expected results.

The query builders can be seen in the images below.


Query responses are laid out in a simple to understand manner, the first view shows you how many variants match the query within each of the available sources and a link to view further information.

The detail of the results you get back will depend upon the sharing policy assigned to the variants and is entirely dictated by the data owner. This means two individuals may receive back entirely different levels of information for the same query.

Upon clicking the source data link, you will be offered a variety of ways to view the data such as HTML, JSON and exported as an excel document.

When selecting HTML, all accessible data for the variants will be displayed as well as a source link. The variants can also then be exported as an excel document or viewed on a UCSC track.

Accessing Data

Once you have discovered data of interest you can access the original source by following the provided link.

The method by which you can access data is determined by the sharing policy applied by the data owner.


Please contact us if you wish to trial Cafe Variome.