Major Cafe Variome Update

Thu, 14 Feb 2013 12:19:58 GMT

Cafe Variome has relaunched with a new look and complete redesign of the underlying code base. The system has been rewritten in the CodeIgniter framework and now offers users and administrators a much improved user experience.

New features include:

- Flexible group level access control
- Administrator backend for creation of new sources, users, groups and adding of variants
- Interface for customizing site colours, backgrounds, fonts
- Interface for adding news items to news feed
- Built in DAS Server (DASIgniter) that automatically creates DAS sources for openAccess variants
- ORCID integration for user accounts

The new system is simple to install, and can be deployed in a number of ways i) On a users server, for example to share data between a network of labs ii) Hosted by the Cafe Variome team.

If you would like us to host your own Cafe Variome install please contact us at