Cafe Variome

A data discovery platform for biomedical data.


What is Cafe Variome?

Cafe Variome is a flexible web-based, data discovery tool that can be quickly installed by any biomedical data owner to enable the “existence” rather than the “substance” of the data to be discovered.

What data is Cafe Variome designed for?

Cafe Variome has been designed for use with all sensitive biomedical data, whether this be genomic variants or cohort data.

For full details please look at the data section.

Who is cafe Variome designed for?

Cafe Variome is designed for owners of sensitive biomedical data who would like to make their data discoverable but don't want to risk exposing the content to the outside world. This is not limited to individual institutions, federated Cafe Variome networks can be setup by consortia.

Want to explore a Cafe Variome installation to learn more?

Cafe Variome Central

Take a look through Cafe Variome Central, our installation created from publicly available datasets.

Why should I use Cafe Variome?

Cafe Variome allows for quick and secure data discovery with differential levels of data sharing available.

Cafe Variome is not a database, all data is retained on the data owners servers and the data owner has full control over it. With the in-built administrators dashboard, setting the discovery and sharing policies is quick and simple.

Federated networks allow consortia to quickly and securely make their data discoverable between each other whilst ensuring those external to the network cannot discover the data.

Only the existence of data can be discovered through the Cafe Variome data queries, the actual content of the data does not leave the data owners servers and as such remains secure. The data can become viewable based upon the sharing policy applied.

For further details please have a look at our about section, browse our github repository or contact us for further information.



Optional Beacon Service

With the optional beacon service your data can be discovered by even more potential collaborators whilst still allowing for full control over what data is discoverable.
What is Beacon?

Create Federated Networks

Create a federated network of Cafe Variome installations to allow data discovery across each installation within the network.

Differential Access Levels

Open Access
Restricted Access
Linked Access

Set data to three different access levels to tailor who can access what data and how.

Clean, Intuitive Interface

The clean, intuitive interface allows all tasks to be completed quickly and easily.

Query builder

The simple to use query builder is built upon AND/OR queries, the query builder allows for complex queries to be easily created and the in-built ambiguity check ensures the query returns the desired response.

Minimum data responses

The returned responses are either a confirmation of whether the data exists or a count of the number of matching data elements. Further details can be seen based on the sharing policy applied to each response.